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Ever wonder what a Dormer is or why you need to add an extension?

We are here to help answer some of your home remodeling questions.

Why should I put an addition on my home?

Home additions are a great way to up size your home without the pain and hassle of searching for a new home and moving your family. If you love your home and don't want to leave it, but you just need more space, an addition could be the perfect way to create more living space without upending your family.

At Great Additions, our experienced staff specializes in working with you to determine how much space you need or want and finding the most economical and aesthetically pleasing way to accomplish your goals.

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What is a Dormer?

A Dormer is an existing or a modification to a roof structure adding full height ceilings creating additional living space to areas that would have otherwise been a crawlspace or eves. Dormers can be partial, or span the entire second floor. In the case of a Full Raised Ridge Dormer, the existing house ridge is removed and a new one is installed at a higher elevation creating a more pleasing and useful roof pitch.

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What is a mother / daughter house?

A mother / daughter is a house with two separate living areas (two kitchens, living rooms, bathrooms, etc.).

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How is a mother / daughter different from a two-family residence?

Mother / daughter houses differ from a multi-family residence in that multi-family homes have separate entrances for each of the living areas, whereas a mother / daughter is arranged as two separate living areas but is connected as one overall dwelling unit.

Mother / daughter conversions are most typically done when elderly family members move back in with their children but both still desire their own living space. Another scenario that's becoming increasingly common these days are older children coming out of college moving back in with their parents to help defray the costs of student loans while starting their careers.

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Why would I need a complete aleration?

Sometimes the house you've lived in forever (or maybe recently purchased) needs a lot of work. Styles change, tastes change, families change, people change. Maybe the floor plan that was designed for your house the was built in the '70s just doesn't work well for you. Perhaps your family situation has changed and you don't need as many rooms and would rather open up your home.

Whatever your reasons, Great Additions can help

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Should I add a Garage?

An attached garage not only adds value to your home but is functional as well. In addition to protecting your vehicles, many people use their garages for extra storage and even living space. Great Additions has extensive experience in adding functional garages to homes that need them, and in converting existing garages to living space for families that need more living space but can't afford or don't have the room for a complete addition to the home.

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Why should I update my kitchen or Bath?

When it comes to adding value to your home, there is no better place to start than the kitchen and the bathrooms. These remodels - when done right - ALWAYS pay dividends.

Bathroom remodels are great because they don't cost a lot and can really add value and a great new aesthetic to any home. The bathroom is one of the most oft-used rooms in the house and, as such, deserves your attention when designing and remodeling.

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